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Holi Special Sundarban 2 Night 3 Days Tour Package

Holi Special Sundarban 2 Night 3 Days Tour Package

Sundarban Tour -

Day 1: Arrival in Sundarban - Colorful Beginnings

  • Arrive in Gosaba and immerse yourself in the festive spirit of Holi.
  • Check into the historic Becon Bungalow or Rabindra Nath Tagore Bungalow, adorned with vibrant decorations.
  • Participate in traditional Holi celebrations at the bungalow, filled with colors, music, and joyous festivities.
  • Explore the picturesque village of Gosaba, adorned with colorful rangolis and festive decorations.
  • Visit Hamilton Sahib Bungalow, resonating with the echoes of colonial history, amidst the colorful ambiance of Holi.
  • Embark on a boat ride through the Birds Jungle, Pakhiralaya, and Pirkhali, where the hues of nature blend harmoniously with the festive colors of Holi.
  • Cruise along Gajikhali and Deul Varani, witnessing the playful interplay of colors amidst the serene mangrove forests.
  • Reach Do-Banki Tiger Reserve Forest and ascend the watch tower, marveling at the vibrant landscape adorned with Holi colors.
  • Return to the bungalow for a delectable dinner, featuring traditional Holi delicacies.
  • Overnight stay at Becon Bungalow or Rabindra Nath Tagore Bungalow, immersed in the festive fervor of Holi.

Day 2: Festive Explorations

  • After a colorful breakfast, embark on an exploration of Sundarban, adorned with the festive spirit of Holi.
  • Cruise to Panchamukhani, the junction of five rivers, where the vibrant hues of nature merge with the playful colors of Holi.
  • Explore the Sudhanyakhali Tiger Reserve area, adorned with festive decorations, and ascend the watch tower for panoramic views of the colorful wilderness.
  • Cruise to Pakhiralaya Island, where the festive ambiance of Holi reflects in the tranquil surroundings.
  • Visit the Mangrove Interpretation Centre, adorned with colorful decorations, to learn about the unique ecosystem of Sundarbans amidst the festive atmosphere of Holi.
  • Explore the Sajnekhali Tiger Reserve forest, resonating with the vibrant colors of Holi, and ascend the Sajnekhali Watch Tower for birdwatching amidst the festive cheer.
  • Return to the bungalow for a festive dinner, featuring traditional Holi specialties.
  • Enjoy a night stay filled with music, dance, and bonfire, celebrating the spirit of Holi amidst the enchanting beauty of Sundarban.

Day 3: Departure - Farewell to Festivities

  • After a festive breakfast, bid farewell to the colorful ambiance of Sundarban, filled with cherished memories of Holi celebrations.
  • Depart from Sundarban with a heart full of joy, colorful memories, and the spirit of Holi lingering in your soul.
  • Festive accommodation as per chosen sharing option.
  • All festive meals starting from lunch on Day 1 to breakfast on Day 3, featuring traditional Holi specialties.
  • Guided festive tours to various attractions mentioned in the itinerary, adorned with Holi decorations and festivities.
  • Festive boat rides and jungle safaris as per the itinerary, resonating with the spirit of Holi.
  • Entry fees and permits for festive attractions.
  • Experienced English-speaking guide.
  • All applicable taxes.

Package Exclusions:

  • Transportation to and from Sundarban.
  • Personal expenses such as tips, laundry, telephone calls, etc.
  • Any additional festive activities not mentioned in the itinerary.

Note: Prices are subject to change based on availability and seasonal variations. Contact us for booking and customization options to celebrate Holi in Sundarban with colorful fervor and festive cheer.