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The Sundarbans mangrove forest, one of the largest such forests in the world, lies on the delta of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers on the Bay of Bengal. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site inscribed in 1987. The area is known for the famous Royal Bengal Tiger, its wide range of fauna including 260 bird species, and other threatened species such as the estuarine crocodile and the Indian python. The Sundarbans provides sustainable livelihoods for millions of people in the vicinity and acts as a shelter belt to protect the people from storms, cyclones, tidal surges, sea water seepage and intrusion. The area provides livelihood in certain seasons for large numbers of people living in small villages, working variously as wood-cutters, fisherman, honey gatherers, leaves and grass gatherers.

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Sajnekhali Watch Tower

Sajnekhali Watch Tower is the second most important watchtower in the Sunderbans tower. It provides all the mojo of other towers plus much more. It is the place where you can spot the famous tiger species, and also the place to watch pretty gruesome crocodiles in live action. There is also opportunity to indulge your excited wildlife enthusiast touristy curiosity in a museum and crocodile park within the premises, which showcases a collection of exquisite details. There’s also a temple within the grounds, traditional style, a Bonobibi temple.

Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary

This, along with the tiger reserve of Sunderbans, are the main crowning jewels of, glistening feathers in, Sunderbans’ cap. This is the ideal place where you can go for a walk through if you’re here on vacation. You’d get lovely views of the Peechkali and the Gomti. The highlighted bird species here are those of egrets, herons and the like. Also, this place is hygienic and the sir healthy for you, along with being eco friendly. Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary is situated right near to its sibling animal reserve, the lordly Tiger Reserve.

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower

If “All Along the Watchtower” popped immediately into your mind when you read this headline, you’re the person I’m speaking to. Playing along the track on your tranquil vacay, you could climb the Sudhanyakhali watchtower to spot tigers in your vicinity. This is the most opportune place to watch tigers from, the highlight of the Sunderbans. Also visible, with luck of course, are axis deer and the like. An added bonus is the charming vista full of trees and greenery you get to see for miles all around when up high on this vacation must-visit.

Netidhopani Ghat

Netidhopani one is a complete tourist destination package of Sunderbans. This has a lake famous for being picturesque to look at and click pictures of, and also a ground that houses ruins of ancient buildings that once were. More precisely, there are ruins here of a temple that’s old four times as much as a century, and has achieved almost pilgrimage status with the sheer number of people who visit it to worship and pay homage. This place also has pop tourist apparatus like hotels. So in case you were thinking Sunderbans was all about tigers, think again.

Burirdabri Forest Camp

The Burirdabri Forest Camp, or the Burirdabri Beat Eco Tourism Complex falls under the Bashirhat Range of the Sundarbans Tiger reserve. It lies at the easternmost part of Sundarban Tiger Reserve and this Eco-tourism complex was inaugurated in the year 2003. Because of its distance from the more populous and popular area around Sajnekhali/Pakhiralay/Dayapur, it has assumed the importance of being one of the lesser visited tourist spots in the Sundarban buffer zone. However, this watch tower is more easily accessible from the Dhamakhali Sandeshkhali entry points.

The boat ride through the Arbesi and jhila Beats of Bagna and Bashirhat range is pretty interesting. The forest here is dense, the creeks narrow and nature, extremely raw and wild. The Burirdabri Forest Camp is famous for the Burirdabri Watch Tower, a mud walk and mangrove cage trail leading to a view point known as Raimongal View Point.

Sunderbans National Park

Sunderbans are the most famous for its wildlife treasures it presents to tourists, and this spot is the collective inventory of the best among the rest in terms of wildlife. It is a place where land dissolves into water, and is known principally for its wide and eye catching reserves of tiger and birds, both parks of which are built around this area as the centre. It is located southmost of Bengal, and is one of the highlights of Sunderban tourism. It achieved such status in the late 1900s.

Sunderbans are the most green, clean and offbeat tourist destination in the nearabouts by a mile. And it is all of those things for good reasons, too. It is green wherever you look at it, shaded by gigantic trees. It is clean and refreshing, you understand that part as soon as you breathe. And it is marvellously offbeat and wonderful because its not every tourist spot that can offer tigers and watchtowers over forests instead of nightclubs, and kudos to you for being one amazing unconventional traveller too. Book in advance, then go on. The story of how you saw that tiger is going to make headlines at office when you return.